Hospitality & Event Concepts, Products and Management Operations.

Project Hospitality

We are a boutique Hospitality & Events Consultancy built on over a decade of Food, Beverage and Event operations experience in New York City, Abu Dhabi and Dubai. We strive transform your business into a disruptive force in your market or industry.

Concept Development

We work with our clients to develop Food & Beverage concepts ranging from simple Sports Pubs and Restaurant to more complex entertainment venues. We not only help with the development but oversee its operation through to sustainability.

Event Operations

We have the ability to organize, staff and arrange efficient operations for large scale events such as concert and sporting events. From the setup of mobile bars and live performances to food trucks and popup concepts. 

F&B Management

With years of restaurant operations management under our belt, are able to advise as well as execute effective management of our clients outlets. From controlling food & beverage costs to insuring all staff have the proper training required to increase revenue.

Marketing Services

With a strong background in marketing and in-depth knowledge of various marketing strategies, we can increase the footfall of your restaurant while encouraging guests to stay longer and spend more. We can put together a marketing program for in-house execution or clients can offload the marketing program to us.

Entertainment Matching

Depending on your concept and target audience, having the right entertainment is crucial to ensuring footfall to your outlet and that they have an high spend per check to insure profitability. We work with our clients to match them with the right type of entertainment whether this means creating playlists or hiring a DJ or live band. 

Technological Solutions

Deeply rooted in technology, we are able to provide our clients with solutions for Point-of-Sale systems, Audio/Video systems or customer relationship management software. By offloading various aspect of the business to technology our clients are able to focus on the more human aspects of operations such as Customer Service.

Brand & Agency Management

Leveraging the experience from our other core activities we work with our suppliers and partners to create strategies for sales, marketing, training and distribution of thier brands throughout the Middle East, South Asia, Africa and beyond.

Product Registration

Working hand in hand with our Brand and Agency Management services, we are able to work with our partners on all aspects of product registration in the UAE from translation to lab testing and excise tax registration.

Distribution Networks

Using our extensive network of Hospitality related partnerships, we are able to open up and establish distribution networks for a wide range of products including Non-Alcoholic / Alcoholic Beverages, Health & Beauty Items and Service Industry related equipment.


There is something brewing on Abu Dhabi’s Yas Island, and lovers of craft hops should put down their suds (just for a moment) and pay attention. HustleFest, the nation’s first-ever craft brew festival, is set to take place on February 28th and 29th, liberating hops enthusiasts from the mass-brewed global offerings that have been the norm across the GCC.The country’s first festival dedicated to independent craft brews opens on February 28th at Yas Marina on Yas Island.








New York CITY

Tonic @ Times Square NYC

Located in Times Square NYC, Tonic was looking for someone to come in and breath life into the decades old institution which was then facing fierce competition from huge franchise outlets. We added a huge craft beer selection to give them an edge over the competition we also collaborated with the NYC Police department to incorporate the outlet with the World Famous New Years Eve Celebration



After 7 years of moderate success the ownership wanted to modernize its outlet offerings, increase revenue and branch out to new regions. After reinvigorating its Abu Dhabi outlet we opened up the Dubai outlet overseeing everything from design, construction to its post-opening operations.

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