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Cloud Barriers are Fog Based Disinfection gates designed for the pre-entrance sanitization of individuals, goods and vehicles. Our fog gates are a custom designed misting system that offer thorough and fast bio-safe chemical disinfection. Engineered to create a dense misting fog that is evenly distributed without any gaps in coverage. The dense high pressure fog completely covers within the objects and persons passing through within seconds with the bio-safe sanitizing agents.

While most of the competitors using low to mid pressure misting systems, we offer a high-pressure fogging system which leaves the individuals and objects nearly dry after passing through the gate. Our high pressure fog is always what ensures complete coverage allowing peace of mind for Staff and guest minimizing the spread of COVID 19.

  • Minimize the Risk of the COVID 19 virus spreading
  • Fully automatic and equipped with sensors
  • No need for supervision
  • High pressure and deep penetration fogging
  • Excellent coverage
  • Well distributed without any dead-zones
  • Peace of Mind for employees, customers and residents
  • Affordable – Low cost with quick installation and low maintenance
  • Super fast Process only 4-6 seconds per sanitization
  • The System customizable for a variety of applications including hotels, loading bays, theme parks, sporting events, mosques, residences, restaurants and malls.

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The Cloud Barrier’s Fog Gates v The Competitors Spray Gates